St. Dimitur Church


In the time of the Regeneration, after the construction of a monastery school in Gorna Lipnitsa village, the battle for a church building began. The Chronicle Book tells us about how in the duration of some years, the resistance was enormous from both parties – the Turks and the authority in Turnovo. For obtaining permission by the sultan, the most respected men in the village: Hadji Peter Monev, Moni Nikolov, Minch Hadjipetrov and Hadji Lambi Vylchev walked until to Tzarigrad. It was not until June 1, 1858 that a sultan decree with a date May 24, 1859 was received.

After overcoming a lot of obstacles and formalities, in 1863, people in the village succeeded to build the church. It was constructed in the end of the village, at a vast empty place, next to the Bulgarian graves. The church had not to look high because of the Turkish authority opinion and the builders pour the soil of the foundation out, around the church. After the Regeneration, it was cleaned in front, but at its backside it is now still the same.

Some architects and specialists maintain that the church was built by Koljo Ficheto or some of his scholars, who influent the style of their master. The relieves of the outside church walls as well as the sculptures of pigeons and a sting forming at the stone wall affirm that conclusion.

Some of the icons in the church are created by popular icon-painters in Trjavna.

The new built church was open for visitors and sanctified on the day of its patron – St. Martyr Dimitrii, on November 8, 1865.

The first priest, who took holy orders, was the teacher in the local monastery school, Krustjo Georgiev. After he died in 1868, his activity was prolonged by Atanas Dimitrov and one more teacher at the monastery school in the village – Atanas Bonev. They both served duly up to 1922 and 1925 and were ones of most respected men in the village.

The first Bulgarian bishop, the Bishop Ilarion Makriopolski the Great-educational, who visited the village, served and presented a cautionary speech. After him the bishop Kliment Turnovski and the bishop Antim came, too.

At the celebrating ceremony, on the occasion of 100 anniversary of the church birth date, the bishop of Veliko Turnovo announced the temple for a cultural monument.

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