"Serafim Severnjak" collection


The real name of Serafim Severnjak is Serafim Nikolov Serafimov. His father was a teacher Nikolai Serafimov, the man whose initiation gave many benefits for the cultural identity of Gorna Lipnitsa. Including – The Agricultural Museum, the development of “ Zora” Community centre, the ethnographic collection.

Born on July 10, 1930, in the family of enlighteners, Serafim Severnjak was a shown himself worth as a Bulgarian writer, publican and a journalist. He graduated Bulgarian Philology in the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. From 1952 Severnjak worked as a vice-editor-in-chief for a “Bulgaria” magazine, as a correspondent in a “Literature front” newspaper, as an editor for a “Flame” magazine and many others. In 1975 he became an editor-in-chief for a “Fatherland” magazine up to the year, when he died, when he was concerned to be killed in Havana (Cube) – May 24, 1988.

Nowadays, in “Zora” Community Centre, the cabinet, where Seragim Severnjak worked, is saved. On his desk is the typewriter, glasses, pens that he used. In the corner of the room are still the tab with his clothes and the boots that he used for fish hunting.

The view of its personal life is added with a lot of exhibited pictures that present him and his daughters, in the garden or business meetings with his colleges.

In the different glass-cases are shown a lot of his literature works – “Earth, covered with history”; “ From Gorna Lipnitsa to Montevideo”; “ If you do not burn, if I do not burn” and many other essays and travel notes that any visitor can take and see.

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