Kantora Nabis LTD is a consulting organization, working in several key areas:

  1. Providing specialist legal advice in civil, commercial, administrative, copyright, family and employment law, real estate transactions, representation and mediation.
  2. Developing projects with foreign participation / investment, marketing, social, etc. /; Representation of foreign companies and nationals on the territory of the region and Bulgaria.
  3. Developing projects related to organic agriculture and certification of organic products, eco-friendly lifestyle, rural, eco and cultural tourism. This activity is developed by the company together with its partner “Naturalistic” LTD.


Contact us:

Gorna Lipnitsa village, “32nd“ street № 11

Office in Sofia, “G.S. Rakovski” str. № 127, fl. 4, оffice 431


20 Feb, 2015
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