Means of livelihood


In recent times, the agriculture was slightly developed as much as for the children feeding and cattle fodder. Turkish as well as Bulgarian population lived on cattle-breeding for the presence of much woodland around Gorna Lipnitsa. Though weakly, the vine-growing was also included. Fruit-growing was not developed. People picked from the fields and woodland crab plums, pears and apples. It is now differently – there are plenty of variable fruitful trees in every yard, and in the village outlying parts – orchards.

The Turkish people liked very much sweet meals and that motivated them to breed bees. Because of them the bee- keeping passed over to the Bulgarians, which is also now very typical of people in Gorna Lipnitsa.

For the fertile ground now, enormous amounts of cereals are cultivated, and a lot of pastures and meadows allow the animals-breeding.

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