Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association


Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association is written down in the register of juridical persons with uneconomic designation on March 31, 2008 with a court order No 190 of the County Court of Veliko Turnovo. The Association is an organization for realizing public benefit activity.

The subject of the Association activity is: preservation in the interest of the community, development in social enterprising activity, civil society, education, tourism, culture and infrastructure in the territory of Gorna Lipnitsa village and that region.

The purposes of the Association are:

  1. Develop the potential and resources in Gorna Lipnitsa village and in its region;
  2. Support the progress in agriculture, biology agriculture and animals-breeding, social services, roads (highway networks), sport facilities, engineering infrastructure and landscape, cultural values and ecology of Gorna Lipnitsa and in its region;
  3. Develop the preservation of the environment, including a refuse management, environmental management and protection against cases of pollution;
  4. Develop education and training in the territory of Gorna Lipnitsa and in the region of it;
  5. Protect the interests of the community of Gorna Lipnitsa village at the State and Communal bodies of authority and to create more optimum live conditions;
  6. Protect the interests of the agricultural producers, craft-men, tradesmen, people, who practice liberal professions, retail and fair business in Gorna Lipnitsa village and in its region;
  7. Popularize the region in the presence of Bulgarian and foreign investors, who will support unemployment suppression and rising of the native population standard;
  8. Co-operate in the development of Gorna Lipnitsa village and its region as an attractive tourist destination.
  9. Organize discussions, seminaries, conferences for actual items of the village that aims forming common positions of their decision;
  10. Support the needy people and disabled persons;
  11. Organize gathering the citizens in Gorna Lipnitca village and its region against all sorts of criminality – living, criminal, economic that aims to put under pressure the criminal contingent in the region;
  12. Preserve the cultural-historic and ethnographic heritage in Gorna Lipnitsa village and its region and create conditions for tourism development in the region;
  13. Create and maintain contacts with national and international organizations, aiming popularization of the ideas of the European Community, introduction of our rights and duties in the presence of the population as European citizens;
  14. Stimulate the co-operation with populated places abroad and assist the liaison with other similar organizations.


Pavliceni Commune
Gorna Lipnitsa village
"32nd" 11 Str.

Management Council
Mariika Palova - representative

tel.: +359 6130 3376
mobile: +359 88 974 8804
е-mail: [email protected]

Evgenia Nikolova – a member
tel.: +359 6130 3398
Hristinka Hristova – a member






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