The Agricultural Museum


The agricultural museum of Gorna Lipnitsa village represents the daily life and means of livelihood of our ancestors. It was open in 1965. In its essentiality and an arrangement we can see that it is the only one in our country. The exponents here are more than 500.

The museum in Gorna Lipnitsa is a basic tourist destination in the region. It is visited by both Bulgarians and foreigners, and a proof for this is the great number of names, which were written down in the visitor book, which was started from its opening up to now.

The Agricultural museum is located in four buildings, gathered at one yard ground. Not until stepping on its outlines that you could see and delight to the typical of Gorna Lipnitsa, stone walls, which fence the yard and make you to feel cousinly and safeguarded.

The first building isaspeciallybuilthouse that imitates rural houses 250 years before – it is constructed also with stone walls, and the barred walls are knitted with rods and plastered with clay. The roof is constructed with stone slabs. In the room for living toward the windows, the floor is raised in 15-20 sm. – this is the bedroom for all members of the family. The floor (the patuma) is plastered with mass of red clay and ox manure, and the both inner and external walls – with white clay. The house is heated with djamal / iron stove/, as in its backside is a space for changing clothes. You can see and cradles made of woven cloth, the typical lower tree-footed chairs and a table, the painted carpets and wooden cooking and eat utensils.

All agricultural instruments are gathered in the Second building – plant instrument for vine cultivation, bird incubator, saw-mill for sawing boards, wooden vice, which is ruled by human arms and legs, a trap for wolfs, stone-making instruments. These are unique objects that you can see only here in Bulgaria. The interior of a forge shop in Gorna Lipnitsa is also reproduced. There are represented cooperage and carpentry. For every craft are exhibited some instruments that the craft-men dealt with. It is presented also a small “school” instrument that parents used to make their children to work.

In many exponents, pictures and diagrams are pointed all other kinds of work activity and crafts in the past that had been typical of the region and especially Gorna Lipnitsa people.

The third building represents an old outhouse that includes in itself a pigsty, coop and a bee-hive. It is constructed a veranda, covered with straw and reed, which is next to a located wooden cattle wooden car (it has not an iron material -even the bolts are wooden). Near by the veranda is the bam, and in the middle of the yard is the threshing-floor.

In the fourth building – a special shelter – is represented the huge stock, a part of which is the first tractor that was used in Gorna Lipnitsa village.

The museum creators has shown the favorite nook for rest to Gorna Lipnitsa people in the past – a wooden bench, located near by the house and the threshing floor.

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