Gorna Lipnitsa village is located in the central part of The Danube plain, which is 12 km. northeast along the road from a town Pavlikeni to a town Polski Trumbesh, in the western part of the small valley of Jalija. It is situated in both sides of the highway, by the left side of the little river Jalija. The village covers the area of 1500 decares. The only level area, which is low-pitched to south, lend an attractive view to the village, especially if you look towards it from the south height of Chukata. From there the whole village is plainly visible with the lineaments of yards, streets and squares. The village have got two quarters – Upper and Lower, which are distinguished with a central square and a wide street around the axis north-south. On that street, in the past, people gathered the cattle because of leading it out to pasture.

The closest neighbor places are: in the east – Dolna Lipnitsa, in the north – Karajsen, in the west – Patresh, in the south – Duskot, in the south-east, and to the south-east on the highway to Veliko Turnovo – Paskalevets. Within those borders, the Gorna Lipnitsa’s land includes 33 thousand decares. The highest parts of the land are the mounds opposite – 160 meters altitude.

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