Gorna Lipnitsa - "Dolno Livadi" place


Cycling/running route.

Average load.

Distance 5-6 km (each direction).

From the center of Gorna Lipnitsa village you take the steep asphalted road heading to the ex WCFE, after which the road becomes gravel.

After that there is ascension, after which a descent.

To the left, before the descent, is the turn-off for Dijadopanovata korija.

The descent in the both directions of the route has natural roughness, which make it suitable for extreme cycling.

In the low part of the descent there is a turn-off to “Mrqmor” dam lake, managed by a past football star.

After that there is another ascension which reveals a view to “Dolnoto livadi”.

You will need 20-30 min to get there, depending on the speed of cycling.

Dolno livadi is suitable to harvest herbs. There are living pheasants and partridges.

In the end of the meadows there is artificial but beautiful water canal. Passing through the meadows you can reach Karaisen dam /Karashki dam/, which is a habitat for many birds, too.

You can reach the canal through the meadows in 10-20 min, depending if you are ascending or descending.

26 Jun, 2012
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