Gorna Lipnitsa – Eco-path “Hotnishki Vodopad”


From Gorna Lipnitsa village you go on direction to Veliko Tarnovo. The road passes by the villages Paskalevets and Resen – please have in mind that the road is not in very good condition.

From the main road in Gorna Lipnitsa, on the road fork where is “St. Dimitrii” church you lead out to Paskalevets village – the distance is 9km. The road passes by Burlovets country, where Thracian villages have been in the past.  

From Paskalevets village you go to Resen village – the distance is 7km. After Resen village there is a turn-off to the right to Hotnitsa village, it goes along railway crossing and buildings of the Federal reserve. The distance between Resen and Hotnitsa is 3km.

In Hotnitsa village on the first road fork you turn left to Stambolovo village and follow the little signs “Eco-path Vodopada”. The distance from the village to the waterfall and the eco-path is 2 km.

The eco-path is build in the canyon of river Bohot and goes about 1,5 km each direction.In the beginning of the path there is a big meadow, good for camping, big pool and built shelter. The path starts from the left side of the waterfall, goes up on the rocks, goes over it and continues in the canyon. Over the river there are wooden bridges with platforms that go over pools and small waterfalls.

After that the path goes over the canyon. During April the path has strange smell. It is because of a plant – green grass with red and yellow flowers, that lets out white milk when is picked.

In the end the path goes through a forest with trees wrapped with ivy. After that there is a steep ascension that goes above the canyon. The path goes back above the canyon and finishes on the right side of the waterfall.

The route in both directions is about 2 hours. You can go with small children but you must pay high attention.

During the holidays there are many visitors, so if you want seclusion you must go during workdays.

29 Sep, 2010
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