Gorna Lipnitsa – Djadopanovata Korija – "Tsarits" Fountains – "Kiunta" Fountain – Gorna Lipnitsa


Cycling route.

Average load – smooth sections and descents with few exceptions.

Distance 10-12 km.

From the center of Gorna Lipnitsa village you take the steep asphalted road around the Agricultural museum heading to the ex WCFE, after which the road becomes gravel.

After that there is ascension, after which a descent.

The turn-off for Dijadopanovata korija is to the left, before the descent.

You pass a hill on the left and abandoned agricultural airport on the right. Then the road goes on an "elevation", with a distant view.

You come to an improvised "crossing" on which you go straight. There are low trees on the right side of the road you go.

You reach the forest "Manasha", where the road forks. You should go left. In the past there were bee hives of the WCFE in this forest.

After that there is a descent and you come to a small canal, covered with trees.

Before the canal, the road turns right – rough road, formed by the agriculture machines – by this road you come to Djadopanovata corija.

Return to the "central" road and turn right, making a descent. In the end of the descent you turn left and go on a road with trees on the left side. The road turns right, cross a canal and makes new extreme descent, after which turns left. The road goes along old hen-houses and next to the pumping station you turn right and come to the "Tsarits" fountains (the water is good for drinking).

New fountain

Old fountain

After that you take the road across the glade and come by the fountain "Kiunta" (the water is good for drinking) in the end of the village.


Then you go on a road, that becomes gravel, until you reach the Health center of the village and the central asphalted road to Pavlikeni.

30 Jul, 2011
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