Gorna Lipnitsa – “Zarapovo” -Geo-Complex – eco-path “Emenski canyon”, Negovanka River


You travel from Gorna Lipnitsa village to Pavlikeni town. The distance is 12 km. You must pass through Patresh village and then, at the T-formed road fork, turn left and you will be in Pavlikeni. From there you pass through the town and direct to Byala Cherkva town. The distance is 3 km. After you leave the village and pass the artificial lake, in a direction to Vishovgrad village/ it is 8 km. in length between both/, an eco-path Kanarite begins in the right.

From Vishovgrad village you head for a direction to Veliko Tarnovo city and there, within 2.7 km. of it is a  “Zarapovo”- Geo-Complex . There is a constructed parking place. The route represents a short path / about 15-20 minutes on the outward and homeward journey/ with wood bridges that ends close to a beautiful waterfall.

The eco-path “Emenski canyon/ Negovanka” is placed within 3.5 km. of a geo complex “Zarapovo” – Geo-Complex. The real eco-path begins before you have entered in Emen village, after you have passed the pine wood, in the left side. In the beginning of the path, next to a rock that is signed with white and red, you can go down also to the Emenska cave/ total length is 3113m./. There, colonies of bats live inside. In the past, there were made experiments for an agricultural development in the cave and now the remains of that activity can be seen. It is possible to come to the cave by car, but for this purpose you have to carry on in the road to the village and directly before the board stray out in the left at a black road.

The eco-path has plenty of turn-offs with hanging wood bridges that pass over plumbs, ratchet rings, niches, vaults, descents and raisings, passage through an woodland, a waterfall – “Momin skok”/ 10 m. in high/. The path finishes at a Negovanka artificial lake as you must go back from there at the same road to the point of departure. The distance can be traveled in 1-2 hours in one of the directions, depending on the undertaken turn-offs.

16 Jun, 2009
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