Gorna Lipnitsa – “Pavlikeni” Zoo


From Gorna Lipnitsa village you travel to Pavlikeni town. The distance is 12 km. You must pass through Patresh village and at the T-shaped road fork you should turn in left after which you are in Pavlikeni.

From the center of the town, after Pavlikeni municipality building begins a small park. In the end of the park is the entrance of the “Pavlikeni” Zoo. The garden works every day and there is no entrance charge. There is a rested box for donations, where in your opinion you can “pay” the entrance ticket. The zoo is small, pretty and maintained although the old necessary equipment. It can be walked round and seen for 10-15 minutes.

In the zoo you can see lions, wolves, wild boars, ostriches, hinds, peacocks and other animals.

16 Oct, 2009
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