Gorna Lipnitsa – “Gorno Livadi” place


Cycling route

Average load – smooth sections and descents with few exceptions.

Distance 10-12 km.

Time needed – 2h.

From the center of Gorna Lipnitsa village you take the steep asphalted road around the Agricultural museum heading to the ex WCFE.

Reaching it you turn left  and become descending on a gravel road through the meadow, while the village remains on your left side. (picture 1)


The road pass through an old poplar, which make big puddles during the spring.  Just after the poplar to the right is the road for “Dimov geran” place. (picture 2)


After that the road reaches an enclosed water supply zone. There you turn right (this is the road to “Dijadopanovata korija”). (picture 3 and 4)



After that there is an ascension after which you turn left. (picture 5)


You are heading straight and to your right there will be ”Manasha” forest and “Dijadopanovata korija”. (picture 6)


The road becomes surrounded by trees and then there is another ascension, which reveals a view to the meadows. (pic 7)


To the left there is a road, which goes through the forest and reaches the road Patresh – Karaisen. But you descend towards Gorno livadi. Here is a point which reveals a fantastic view to every direction. (pic 8)


You reach a small asphalted road, which can goes to the road Patresh – Karaisen through the forest, again.  There is another point with nice view.  (pic 9)


Right after the descent, next to a wall-nut three, there is  an old stone fountain, which water is suitable for drinking. (pic 10 and 11)  



The meadow is suitable to harvest herbs and have a picnic – there are two big pear threes.  (pic 12)


Връщането до изходната точка на маршрута в Горна Липница става по същия път.

26 Jun, 2012
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