Gorna Lipnitsa – “Cyunta” fountain, “Tsarits” fountains


From the center of Gorna Lipnitsa village you go to the central road in direction to Pavlikeni town. Before the Health office’s building you turn left and continue on upwards. The road beginning is with gravel covering. In the end of the village, in left is located the “Cyunta” fountain.

It was built by Gorna Lipnitsa Mayoralty in 1928 -1929 when a mayor of the village was Jordan Dachev of the Dacheulu family.

There is an inscription over the spout that present the date of the construction.


You continue on a smooth black road and you get the “Tsarits” fountains. In the place there was an ancient settlement. The new fountain was built by stone- building brigade of T.K.Z.S, Gorna Lipnitsa village in 1951. The first three tubs are made of carved stone.

The inscriptions over the spouts are the following:

The old fountain was built in 1938 and it was repaired in 1988 by the Gorna Lipnitsa Mayoralty.

Both of the fountains have got tubs, which are to this day used for washing of clothes and wool.

Next to the fountains there is a little river and places that are comfortable for picnics.

The route can be passed for 30-45 minutes by walking in the both directions. It is appropriate for bicycling, too.

18 Oct, 2009
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