Why Gorna Lipnitsa is an unique village - the Bulgarian National Radio

In the middle of March Yulko Palov was involved in the night block of the Bulgarian national radio, program "Horizont". It was devoted to the unique European settlemetns in Bulgaria and Gorna Lipnitsa won this award at the end of the last year. Mr. Palov reacted to the invitation of the hostess, directly in airtime, to share more why Gorna Lipnitsa is an unique village. He told about the agricultural museum, created by the father of Serafim Severniak - Nikolay Serafimov, for the church "St.Dimitar" and the miraculous shrine and chapel - "St.John of Rilla", for the creation of the village and for the great treasure-hunter’s interest in the areas around Gorna Lipnitsa, he told why many Englishman prefer Gorna Lipnitsa to the UK and how many different types of speech you can hear on the streets during the summer months. And last but not least a conversation of the recently exposed "live" water,as it was called by the hostess, took place. Mr. Palov revealed that samples have been taken and high levels of concentration of magnesium are established. According to specialists in that area this ingredient is an exclusive premise for water to be used for treating and to be declared as a mineral water. Even though there are registered several cases of local residents who are cured after using it, research on water continue and a final conclusion is expected soon.
 Later in the show joined Ivo Hadjimishev who is president of the Bulgarian Photographic Association and was honoured with a Gold seal from the European forum of experts: "When I heard about Gorna Lipnitsa my heart started immediately because this is the village where Serafim Severniak comes from. Before Serafim is his wonderful dad. I remember that man who actually created an unique museum of the Bulgarian village and agriculture. These are people who we should not forget and to find new ones such as these!" 
14 Apr, 2009
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