The votive road segment between Polski Trumbesh and Patresh has been repaired

         Up to the end of 2008 the road segment from Polski Trumbesh to Obedinenie village was repaired. In the spring of this year was laid a new road covering over large sections from the end of Obedinenie village to the end of Gorna Lipnitsa village. But the money was over and that was the reason why the overhaul of the road was suspended. To the road fork, directed to Pavlikeni town a lot of the holes were the only ones that were filled. In a private conversation with the boss of the regional management - Radomir Hadjitanev, the major of Gorna Lipniza got assurance from him that at the first chance and available means that segment would be completely repaired. A dead-line was not been defined.
          We remind you that in September, 2008 it was directed a demand by the natives of the villages Gorna Lipnitsa, Patresh and Dolna Lipnitsa about a repair of the road that passes through the three settled places. The reason was its very bad condition as in some sections it was almost impassable because of the big roughnesses and holes.
22 Jul, 2009
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