The singer Rumjana Popova in Gorna Lipnitsa


Every year on the day of St. Dimitar (by old fashion style) in Gorna Lipnitsa people conduct the traditional fair of the village. There are some compulsory things that repeat already for decades. At the evening of the previous day it always smells of a fired oven, in which is roasted the traditional dinner for that day – lamb meat, over a firing walnut foliage of the fallen autumn leaves and the light worried look of the owners that are not still ready for their guests. From generation to generation the hospitality is passed on, and i.e. for a fair people do not invite – everybody is welcome. In the morning, from the early the guests begin to come, and at the square market tables are being arranged with sweet temptations and toys for the kids. It reigns silent calmness…and so to late at night.

This year, on November 8, when the fair happened, things were different. Again, it smells the same and there were entertainments on the village square. But the atmosphere was more festive rather than the previous years. The reason was the concert of the famous Bulgarian singer of Macedonian songs – Rumjana Popova ( She was invited by Dimitar Pargov, a president of a company “Parckol – oil” and in the assistance with the mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa – Julko Panov.

Although the cold weather, on the square came tens watchers that not only applauded her for her lovely and filled with a soul songs, but they danced also lively chain dances. 


11 Nov, 2008
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