The problems in Gorna Lipnitsa village are solved at the Village Council


On December 1, 2007 in Gorna Lipnitsa village, Pavlikeni municipally was chosen for a village council. This is initiative of the new elected mayor of the village – Julko Palov. To the present moment, there, the decisions of more important and unbearable issues were made by one side – the mayor. After the introducing of the Village Council, all major moments that concerned the life and the well-being of the people in Gorna Lipnitsa were discussed in those meetings. The firs meeting was conducted in the end of December, last year, and the second one – it happened on January 17, 2008. The village councilors are in session one per a month, and in need – and more often.

The village Council consists of ten men,

Those, except for being the high society class in the village, but with their different professional realization defend adequately the interests of everybody that live in the Gorna Lipnitsa area. A chairman is the mayor – Mr. Palov, and the rest councilors are Alexander Krumov, the leader of the local agricultural cooperation, Elka Cvetkova, a chairman of the community centre management, two of the affirmed farmers in the village and two pensioners, who worked in the past years in the public sector.  

In the present moment the Village council in Gorna Lipnitsa is

 An absolute modernism

Not only for a Pavlikeni municipality, bout also for Bulgaria. The data for similar councils appear only in the history. During the Russian-Turkish War such was convoked in Enidjia, a village in East Thrace that was then settled by Bulgarians. Its purpose was the military protection organization against the Turkish warriors. Later, in the middle of XX century, a village council was established also in Novo Selo village, Vidin district.


The council in Gorna Lipnitsa is a collective local authority body, in which sessions are discussed all problems, connected with the safeguarding of the environmental, health, social, educational, culture and communal – of life activity; the development of the sport and the tourism, the settlement arrangement and the traffic safety and the public order in the village. Everyone of the members has signed an oath declaration that will defend the rights of  the fellow-villagers. And the organization and the activity are defined and implemented according the accepted by the Council, Regulations.

Specifically, on the conducted to the present moment meetings, issues have been discussed that did not bear a delay. And i.e. – the problems about the illumination, garbage gathering, the great number of homeless dogs on the streets, the people, suffered by a calamity in the village during the winter months. Economic issues were also discussed about development of the stone-pits in the Gorna Lipnitsa area.

According to the words of Mr. Palov, as a mayor and a chairman of the Village council, the inhabitants of Gorna Lipnitsa can be sure that their well-being will be always in first place.


06 Feb, 2008
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