The memory of the rebel band will be feted



On July 18 and 19 in Gorna Lipnitsa the memory of the rebel band of Stefan Karadja and Hadji Dimitar will be feted. On Friday (July 18) in the hall of the community centre “Zora” in Gorna Lipnitsa village, at 20.30 will be conducted a concert with the casting of the amateurs from both Gorna and Dolna Lipnitsa. It will be devoted to the 140 anniversary of the memorial battle of Stefan Karadja and Hadji Dimitar  to Grandfather Panova kurija, which is located near by Gorna Lipnitsa. For the occasion of the memorial date, a speech will be pronounced by the mayor of the village – an engineer Julko Palov.


In honor of the perished rebels still in 1950 in grandfather Panova kurija is raised a monument. On July 19, when is the day of the historical battle, on the monument will be presented a wreath and will be served a liturgy.

A Grna Lipnitsa village invites all that desire to join to the event because of feting with a dignity the memory of the rebel band.

15 Jul, 2008
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