The mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa gave a report to his fellow-villagers


In the early days of January  Yulko Palov, the mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa, gather his fellow-villagers in the renovated conference room of the municipality to gave them a report for his activities for the past year. This is a step that every ruler in our country should undertake  -  to survey what has fulfill from his election promises in practice, not to hide behind the walls of  the state institutions.

The report of Mr Palov wasn`t short, because there had been a lot of things done in the past 2008 year. First of all, Gorna Lipnica was declared as a Unique European village due to its exceptional geographic situation, historical and cultural heritage.

In the beginning of the past year the new formed administrative council began to work. It consist of nine person with the mayor ahead, who solve the problems concerning the development of Gorna Lipnitsa.

For the benefit of the village now thinks and the Association for the Development of Gorna Lipnitsa. Its priority is the public interest of local residents, and deployment of environmentally friendly agriculture.

Was created and the official site of Gorna Lipnitsa which is fully translated in English for many English families living here. In it anyone can find out more about the history of the village livelihoods, the information concerning the administrative arrangements of the village, the latest news events, announcements and guest houses.

Some of the streets in the village were repaired  and a part of Gorna Lipnitsa- Paskalevets way. The radio-rediffusion sets were renovated and continuously maintained. Streets in the village were provided with electric street-lighting. Signs are placed at the beginning and end of Upper Lipnitsa. Health Service operate again and the mayor fulfill one of the old desires of the elderly here - a dentist's office. For many years people could use dental services only in the neighboring village or town Pavlikeni.

In Gorna Lipnitsa  is the only one  Agricultural  museum in our country with an unique museum exhibits. In 2008 launched a campaign donation for his service. So far collected 740 BGN.

The cultural life in the village revive, too. One year, already all national and religious holidays are officially celebrating with public meetings and radiobroadcasts. In early June 2008 in Gorna Lipnitsa for the first time was celebrated the traditional local folk festival. So far it has always been in Pavlikeni . On Dimitrovden which is the traditional fair of the village Rumyana Popova , a famous Bulgarian singer of  Macedonian songs, throw a concert.

To hear the report of the mayor more than 60 people gathered. They discussed the questions and highlights  lively and show satisfaction  for what`s being done in 2008 year. An active part took  people who have done much for the development of  Gorna Lipnitsa in the past. Now they want to help  Yulko Palov work. Some of them were Alexander Krumov, chairman of  labour artisan cooperative  “Nasha niva”  and Drumi Alexandrov , a former chairman of existing  co-operative farm  years ago in the village. Mr. Krumov said that co-operative in his person is willing to undertake the ennoblement of the open spaces in the center of Gorna Lipnitsa and Mr. Aleksandrov put questions on the need for drilling in the Slatina area where there is evidence for the presence of mineral waters. The Mayor assured them that he will stand behind any initiative that would help a prosperous Gorna Lipnitsa.

After the meeting Mr Palov gave cocktail of all present.



09 Feb, 2009
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