The keepers of the Bulgarian oration celebrated May 24


For the occasion of the past already may 24 in the mayoralty Gorna Lipnitsa, for the first a celebration was feted. On it were teachers from the village – ex and present. At the entrance of the building they were welcomed with flowers, delivered by the mayor Julko Palov. In the hall was sounding a bag pipe, where there was organized treatment.

In his greetings to them, Mr. Palov thanked them for the noble cause, to which was devoted any Bulgarian teacher. Here is a part of his appeal: “Many things changed in the Transition period. But the thirsty of knowledge and bowing down to the activity of the Bulgarian teacher is still the same. Everybody of us, deep down in its soul keep the memory of its first teacher, for those, who helped him to become a human being. Your labor is blessed. You must be proud that you are Bulgarian teachers. And stay such persons to your last breath, because our village has need of you, all of us, who lead the village have need of your knowledge and support! Be living and healthy!”

28 May, 2008
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