PROGRAM OF THE OLD SCHOOL RESIDENCE - RITUAL ART Gorna Lipnitsa village 16 – 25 August 2013


16.08.2013 /Friday/

10.30               Opening of the residence. Presentation of the working places in The Old School. Distribution of materials. Visiting the main places in Gorna Lipnitsa – the office of the mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa, community center Zora-1887 and museum collections located therein, Agricultural Museum and Ritual Place of the Dragon /Zelen sinur/.

18.30 – 20.00              Visiting The St. Dimitar church and The Chapel St.John of Rila. Walk around the village.


17.08.2013  /Saturday/.

18.30 to 20.30            A walk in the area of Gorna Lipnitsa. 


18.08.2013 /Sunday/

On this day in the village is celebrated the Assumption of St. John of Rila. On this occasion mass will be celebrated in the temple chapel St. John of Rila. The mass is open for visitors.

The ritual begins at 9:30 and lasts two hours.


19.08. 2013 /Monday/

22.00               Performance of the ancient ritual Nestinarstvo /fire dancing/ by nestinari. It involves a barefoot dance on smouldering embers.  


20.08.2013 /Tuesday/

18.00 – 20.00              Cycling route - Gorna Lipnitsa - the "Gorno Livadi" locality - Gorna Lipnitsa. More information about cycling at -


22.08.2013 /Thursday/

17.00 - 20.00              Visiting the Winery Lovico Suhindol in Suhindol. Wine tasting.


23.08.2013 /Friday/

21.00                           Sound performance by composer Emilian Gatsov -


24.08.2013 г. /Saturday/

18.00                           Closing exhibition presenting the works of the artists.

21.00                           Closing night. Giving certificates for participation in the residence.


25.08.2013 /Sunday/

Leaving the residence

12 Aug, 2013
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