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17 – 26 August 2012


19.08.2012  /Sunday/

18.30 Opening of the movie progam


"2012", Canada / USA, directed by Roland Emmerich, 158 minutes.

Doom for all mankind is predicted by the ancient Mayan civilization of the VII-th century. When that happens in 2012, a few survivors confront against terrible natural disasters. They will have to fight for his life with typhoons, volcanic eruptions and melting glaciers ... In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Roland Emmerich revealed that he plans to continue the story of the full-length production "2012" in the TV series. Future episodes will bring viewers in 2013 to reveal what happens after the occurred global cataclysm. "I wish I could tell you about how the survivors begin a new civilization. The plot of the TV show will probably focus on a group of people who live on a ship, " said Emmerich.





20.08. 2012 /Monday/


"Perfect Sense," 2011, Germany / England / Sweden / Denmark, directed by David Mackenzie, 92 minutes

Scottish BAFTA '11 - Best Director and film, as well as a nomination for Audience Award, Edinburgh '11 - Best New British Film

One of the strangest and most modern quality films for the apocalypse.

Susan is a scientist who seeks the answers of  important questions in science. So important that she gave up everything, including love. But one day she met with the talented Chef Michael and everything begins to change. As they begin to experience deep feelings unexpectedly, people around them change because something affects their emotions.



21.08.2012 /Tuesday/


"Twelve Monkeys," 1995, USA, directed by Terry Gilliam, 120 minutes


Prisoner in the dark and gray world, he dreamed the same dream - bright and lively. Memories of the past? A ghost from the future? Future, present and past ... time is unclear, but the concepts are fuzzy. "The future is history." World has suffered cataclysm, people have died due to the deadly virus. The few survivors live underground for years looking for an antidote, by which to return to the surface. The prisoner James Cole (Bruce Willis) is sent into the past to explore the virus at the time of his appearance. But time is wrong and the character appears in the wrong year, several years before the calculated one.  Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt star in this brilliant sci-fi masterpiece from Terry Gilliam ("Brazil" and "The Fisher King").




22.08.2012 /Wednesday/


"Zift", 2008, Bulgaria, director Yavor Gurdev,


One of the best examples of contemporary Bulgarian cinema. Directed in art noir and retro-socialist "Zift" Yavor Gurdev has a unique vision and a strong cast. The film has won numerous national and international awards.


"The end starts from the beginning" - says the Moth, main character in "Zift." It was released from prison in the early 60s to fall into a completely new and unknown to him world - the world of socialist Sofia. He entered prison just before September 9, 1944, the moth has served a sentence for murder. With the release of his freedom, even with breaching the threshold of the prison began catastrophic troubles and furious race against time. Moth emerges from absurd situations and deadly traps set by  uniformed sleuthс of the omnipresent totalitarian state.


Hectic flight of the Moth lines the map of a retro Sofia - suburbs, central bathroom, Channel, polyclinic, church, pub, mausoleum, night bar, cemetery. This fatal panting night is full of sharp turns and ups and downs, hallucinating, biographical jumps in pre-communist past, sentimental encounters, betrayals, confessions and ideological failures. The end came with the advent of a new day.


23.08.2012 /Thursday/


Nostradamus, documentary film of History Channel

The Final Prophecy, documentary film of National Geographic


24.08.2012 /Friday/


"Melancholia," 2011, Sweden / Denmark / France / Germany, directed by Lars von Trier, 130 minutes


Cannes '11 - Award for Best Actress Kirsten Dunst

European film of 2011.


Instead of being presented as an apocalyptic fantasy, perhaps it is better the  film  of Von Trier to be interpreted allegorically: approaching a planet called Melancholia, provoke equally self-destructive impulses in his characters. This is the most emotionally powerful film  of Von Trier.




25.08.2012  /Saturday/


The Day After Tomorrow, 2004, USA, directed by Roland Emmerich, 124 minutes


Another apocalyptic vision of Roland Emmerich, however, associated with the effects of global warming and catastrophic climate change.

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