Jurists consult the Mayoralty of Gorna Lipnitsa for 1 lev


This remuneration is for a calendar month. In the end of the year a consultancy company will be paid with a little more than 12 leva. The mayoralty is Gorna Linpitsa, and the company P.I.A.S. CREDERE which manager is Dimitar palov. Except for a jurist, he is a son of the mayor – Julko Palov.

The contract between the both parties was signed on January 25, this year. It is completely unique, because, as it is obvious from the sum of the remuneration, represents a form of a donation. To the validity of this contract, PI.A.S CREDERE undertakes wholly the legal service of the village. It will give oral and written consultations for legal issues that concerns the mayoralty Gorna Lipnitsa as well as the natives of the village; it will accomplish a current review of the legal issues and appeared problems. The company will prepare the necessary comments and attitudes to the written documents and contracts that are in regard to the activity of Gorna Lipnitsa mayoralty.

To the present moment there are two conducted free charged jurist consultations by Dimitar Palov for the people of the village. There was a big interest of the initiative. The first one was on February 16, and the second- on February 29. It is foreseen the giving of consultations to be regulated per two weeks. On the first, only four hours, 12 natives form Gorna Lipnitsa met and talked with Mr. Palov. He shared that still before the signing of the contract he had consulted free charged many people from the village. Now, already, when the activity is completely specified, he could not turn back anybody. The most often questions  that they discussed were: elucidating of a free charged financial support for a measure “ Modernizing if the agricultural farming” and “ Creating of agricultures of young farmers” via the program of the development for the village regions for the period 2007-2013 and, of course, possessions discussions, connected with yard places and agricultural land.


07 Mar, 2008
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