Information about the existing nitrates in drinking water and the actions that are going to be made


Regional health inspection in Veliko Tarnovo sent letter to the mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa village about the quality of drinking water. The letter says that “The monitoring of drinking water  for consumers in the area of water-supply in Gorna Lipnitsa during 2012 shows a continuous (more than one month) deviation in nitrate indication, exceeding the normal value of 50mg/ l for dinkable water. Average concentration is 64,2 mg/ l with an increasing trend from 2011.

The document also states that abnormal nitrate levels dangerous for human health are a result from excessive and inappropriate fertilization of the soul with organic and mineral fertilizers in the water-supply area.  At a formal meeting with the owners and tenants the mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa Yulko Palov made a request for suspension of reckless and uncontrolled fertilization. He explained that he would seek the assistance of Basin Water Management, Danube region – Pleven and WAP “Iovkovtsi”, to delineate the boundaries of the critical water catchment areas. After locating them the mayoralty will issue the necessary measures to reduce fertilization and respectively pollution of drinking water with nitrates.      

01 Sep, 2013
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