In Gorna lipnitsa no longer with radio emissions


 The holidays that were occasions for an initiative in Gorna Lipnitsa past. Radio emissions started that were dedicated to Easter and May 1. And so it will be for every big holiday”, shares Maria Palova, who is an initiator and a chairman of the Association for development of Gorna lipnitsa. She tells more explicitly about the content of the already realized emissions.

We decided that to devote attention to the biggest holidays. The first radio broadcast was done just before Easter. Except for an accountancy of the accomplished activity to that moment by the Association, it was prepared and a festive programme. Kids from the local children garden took part in it that they performed Easter songs. A woman from the village told us about how they used to celebrate in the past. Her story was very interesting and authentic and most of all reminds us that we never should forget the Christian traditions, which lately happens more often, added MRS. Palova. 

As duration of the Easter greeting it was prepared a festivity for the holiday. The program was announced preliminary, and in its organization the participants were the Mayoralty, “Zora” community centre, The Association for development of Gorna Lipnitsa, the church management of the village. “We all work together for the good of Gorna Lipnitsa”, explains Maria Palova. In the evening on April 26 there were praying processions in the two temples – “St. Dimitar” church and the “St. Ivan Rilski” chapel. The holiday was an occasion to create a new church choir, who would exist also in the future. In that evening both temples were crowded, and in the morning of April 27, when there was a festive divine service in the “St. Dimitar” church, the prayers were double more. The Easter cakes and red eggs were sanctified that later were handed out on the village square. In the centre there was an orchestra, a short musical program was performed by amateurs from the village and kids. There were two competitions – one for a most healthy and two, for a most beautiful Easter egg. People were charmed and said that it has never happened such a festivity, shares with us, Mrs. Palova with pleasure. 

The second broadcast was dedicated to May 1st and it was boadcated just on the date. In it took a part the chairman of TPK “Our cornfield” – Alexander Krumov, who told about the work of the cooperation and greeted everybody in the village. In the end, he finished with a greeting concert for all people of Gorna Lipnitsa.

The next broadcast is going to be on May 24, by  which will be shown an admiration to the people, who have created the spiritual history of Gorna Lipnitsa and those who still fight for its development.

10 May, 2008
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