Gorna Lipnitsers welcomed Christmas according to the traditions


The euphoria of one of the most glorious holidays – The Christ’s Birth enfolded Gorna Lipnitsa, where not only was honored the celebration, but Bulgarian traditions were observed, too.

         On December 22, in the Mayoralty Hall, more than 60 Gorna Lipnitsers welcomed some carol-singers. They arrive especially from Pavlikeni, dressed in traditional national costumes. They danced, sang and called people for health. The hosts, by their part, according to the traditions, ornamented with pretzels and treated them to dried fruits and candies.

         Some days, later (on December 26), for 10 hours period in the “St. Dimitar” Church was performed a festive liturgy by Mileti priest. Against the cold weather, the temple was crowded with adults and children that had come to celebrate Christmas on the sacred place. The biggest surprise was after the end of the divine service when Santa Claus gave away presents, provided by the school board in Gorna Lipnitsa, for all those present little and adult children.  


10 Jan, 2009
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