Gorna Lipnitsa stays more than 40 hours without electricity



Gorna Lipnitsa, Pavlikeni municipality suffer more than 40 hours without electricity, announced BNR.

The electricity feeding was stopped because of  the storm on Sunday, but the “E. ON” company still has not send a group for eliminating the damage, said the mayor of the village, Julko Palov.

I have been calling, as a mayor of the village, at least 5 times to “E. ON”. First, I could not contact with them. Permanently, there was no connection with the operator, after that the telephone line stopped and not until yesterday I could succeed in connecting with them. There is no reaction to now, “the mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa was indignant.

“They explain to me that they have many damages to work for and they can not to repair. It is not normally for the village to be kept without electricity 40 hours.  There are teared to pieces wires that are hanging on the ground”, stated also Julko Palov.”

The mayor stated that he went alone for cutting the fallen because of the storm wires for not dying a man or a child that was going to school.

Sourced by: News.bg, October 7, 2008



13 Oct, 2008
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