Gorna Lipnitsa is a unique European settlement that is prized with a Golden Seal


On an official meeting in honor of the national holiday of the Day of leaders of the Bulgarian national revival – on October 30, Gorna Lipnitsa village got the nomination a Golden Seal for a unique European settlement. The seal was bestowed personally by the mayor, an engineer Julko palov. The insignia of honor is awarded by non governmental organizations - A Official representation of the unique settlements in Europe and The European forum of experts. The nominations are made by 150 popular Bulgarian scientists and creators with international recognition that own Golden insignia of honor for their contribution to Bulgarian science and culture.

In the words of Rositsa Zlatanova, a chairman of the European Forum of experts, namely Gorna Lipnitsa deserves this insignia of honor because of its unique localization, historical and cultural heritage. The village is situated above a country side that is very rich extremely in water. In the territory of Gorna Lipnitsa are found certificates for tracks of a cave man in the time of the New stone era; finds that prove that there lived Thrace tribes uzdicenzi and krobizi; there are many tracks of Slav- Bulgarian and Thrace settlements. And now, in Gorna Lipnitsa there are many places, which preserve the historical and cultural heritage of our country. Here is the unique and single Agricultural Museum; the regeneration church “St. Dimitar”, which was built by Koljo Ficheto; the unique ethnographic collection of everyday life, where are presented exponents that are dated from the ancient times; the collection “Serafim Severnjak”, the country side Grandfather Panova copse where is raised a monument and every year a liturgy is served in honor of the memorial battle, leaded by Stefan Karadja and Hadji Dimitar; “Zora” community centre that work for almost a century and a half; the wonder-making temple- chapel “St. Ivan Rilski”.

 During the expired year the insignia of honor a Golden Seal was given to many settlements form the European countries, among which were Florence, Drama, Nahar, Strasburg and 105 cities and villages in Bulgaria, among which were  Sofia, Bourgas, Varna, Balchik, Sozopol,  Ahtopol, Bansko, Vurshets, Strajitsa, Shumen and others. For this moment Gorna Lipnitsa is the only one village in Pavliceni municipality and in the region to which was awarded the title A Unique European Settlement.

Golden insignia of honor were awarded to many European scientists, among which the author of one of the most modern apparatuses for space examinations, the member of the oldest and prestigious British academy of arts, established by King Charles II in 1660 – the astronomy scientist – Prof. Alexander Boxemberg ; the author of some of the biggest scientific discoveries in the earth resources examinations, the geology scientist from Russia – acad. Nicola Jushkin; one of the authors of the economic strategy of the European Union – the scientist from the United Kingdom – Prof. Nick Von Tunzelman.

The co-operative initiative of the two non governmental organizations started in January 2007 with an international project of a great scale. The purpose was an integration of famous settlement from the European countries and in assistance with them and leading persons in the economy, science and culture of the European countries, realizing a program for an overtaking status of our country and for a prosperous Bulgarian society.

Here is a part of the famous Bulgarian scientists and creators that own golden insignias of honor by the European Forum of experts and take parts in the nomination of the European and Bulgarian settlements for the insignia of honor a Golden Seal; the director, acad. Ljudmil Stojkov, the historian Prof. Andrei Pantev, the singers Silvi Vartan, Raina Kabaivanovska and Alexandrina Pendachanska, the sculptor Georgi Chapkunov, an architect Georgi Ugrinov, who is a manager of the Monuments and Culture Institute, the famous Bulgarian actress Iskra Radeva, who was prized on this year ceremony. We can mention more scores of names that are nominated with certificates for conquered high prestige and public recognition and for a contribution in the development of the Bulgarian science and culture.

With the Golden seal that got Gorna Lipnitsa, Mr. Palov can put a seal all representative documents of the village in the correspondence with the European countries and the institutions in our country. During the prizing, for a question what is the first thing to which he wanted to put a seal, the mayor answered: “My desire is this to be the first won by Gorna Lipnitsa, European projects

Sourced by: “Pavlikeni voice”


03 Nov, 2008
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