Father Meletius dedicated the consecrated ground in Gorna Lipnitsa.


On 24.06.2013 Father Meletius held a solemn mass to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Spirit and the Birth of St. John the Baptist.

After the service, the priest, and all who attended the temple, went to the place of village consecrated ground. According to legend, many years ago at this place after St. George's day a dragon fell down  - a large winged lizard. People from the village enclosed it with things from sheep pens to keep the animal. They fed it with milk for 40 days and on the 41th day it raised and flew off. With gratitude for the hospitality the dragon donated Gorna Liptnitsa with fruitfullness. To help them in the future, the people of the village erect a large stone, and every first Thursday after St. George's the local management arranged an offering. The priest read a prayer of gratitude and prosperity, ritual bread and meals were served, prepared with milk.

In recent decades consecrated ground was abandoned. Ritual stones dissapeared. Only a few women went there to give out health.

Last summer dust on consecrated ground was flattened. And on Saturday (22 June this year) were placed new votive stones. Today the place was dedicated again by Father Meletius. All attendees went to health under the crown of herbs and according to customs - took from the warm bread and dairy products.

A guiding plate is under development to inform you that the place is more special and a part of the history Gorna Lipnitsa.

09 Jul, 2013
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