Eng. Yulko Palov met with Meglena Plugchieva

On March 23 the Economic Institute of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences held a meeting of mayors from five different towns and villages in Bulgaria - Gorna Lipnitsa village, Sozopol, Lozen village, Kaspichan, Ihtiman and Kazanluk with Meglena Plugchieva, deputy of Eurofund managment. The meeting was organized by the European forum of experts with chairwoman Rositsa Zlatanova. All villages and towns were awarded a Gold seal award for unique European settlement. The event was also attended by Roumen Georgiev, Director of Directorate "Competitiveness and Innovation" in Executive Agency for reassurance of small and medium enterprises, Ivo Hadjimishev - President of the Bulgarian Photographic Association and many important names from business, tourism and culture.
 The aim of the bisuness meeting was to bring together several mayors who are combined by unique and uniqueness of their settlements, to share experience and on first place to share their problems and find a way to resolve them. All of the mayors put specific questions to Mrs. Plugchieva.
 Yulko Palov, mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa, said he is still new to the mayoralty matters, but work hard to find ways to cope with financial problems of his village. After hearing his colleagues, he explained that unlike other towns and villages Gorna Lipnitsa has an insignificant granted budget and doesn`t have financial independence, the road pavement is in tragic situation. the village radio-rediffusion sets doesn`t work. These problems were unfamiliar even for smaller villages than Gorna Lipnitsa. The opinion of the mayors was that all depends on the particular municipality and should be decided locally. Mrs. Plugchieva undertook to consider the matter raised by Mr. Palov about allocation of resources, namely whether to continue the vicious practice in small mayoralties to be financed by the municipality and not directly.She gave valuable guidance to the mayors on how to properly use the EU in order to win more projects and thus to work for the development of the settlemets, which represent.
14 Apr, 2009
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