Cleaning the village - 04 July 2015


Dear residents of Gorna Lipnitsa,

On 4th July (Saturday) 2015,  Gorna Lipnitsa municipality is organizing cleaning and mowing of the public spaces in the village – streets, green areas, the center, the main street, etc. This year the municipality does not have any maintenance personnel for mowing and cleaning. Therefore organizing such event is a  way to keep the village clean and exemplary.

On the strength of article 14, paragraph 1 of the Waste management ordinance in Pavlikeni municipality, we invite all who has properties in Gorna Lipnitsa to participate in the organized clean and mow and clear the spaces around their property.

The cleaning will start at 09:00.

For those who want to engage in cleaning and mowing the center – the meeting point is in front of the village-hall.

Transportation will be provided for the waste collected during cleaning. If you want to use the transport vehicle, it is necessary to request it in advance at the village-hall or by phone 061 098 054

23 Jun, 2015
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