About the Englishmen in Gorna Lipnitsa


More than thirty-five deserted houses in Gorna Lipnitsa village have been bought by foreigners. Soon, the mayor of the village Julko Palov has invited to a meeting in the mayoralty, the permanently living in Gorna Lipnitsa, Englishmen. His purpose was to put the beginning of a regulated joint living together, to listen to their problems and to socialize the foreigners to a living together with them. This has been told by Mr. Palov for “Yantra Today” newspaper. The foreigners have indicated that in Gorna Lipnitsa is missing them a bank machine, a restaurant, a garbage bin that they could throw their rubbish into and they have also complained of the grass on the streets. They have wanted and a meeting with the municipal mayor, an engineer Angel Genov, for which Julko Palov has promised to co-operate with. Unfortunately, however, Mr. Palov confessed that the living conditions in Gorna Lipnitsa village had  not allow for that moment to be solved some of the indicated by the foreigners, problems, but he showed the traditional Bulgarian hospitality and treated his guests with cheese pasty, brandy and singled out traditional Bulgarian appetizers.

By their part, the guests gifted means for the fund of the local association for development of Gorna Lipnitsa as well as for the reconstruction of the standing in the village and the only one for our country, Agricultural Museum. As a sign of good intentions for a future living together, the Englishmen ordered to the mayor that when he organize the next “Saturday day” for a voluntary cleaning of the village to invite them for cleaning.

“Yantra Today” newspaper


28 Jul, 2008
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