A repair of the national road "Polski Trambesh - Patresh" is expected


   In September 2008 year the residents of three villages - Gorna Lipnitsa, Patresh and Dolna Lipnitsa made a request for repairing of the national road "Polski Trambesh - Patresh". The road, going through the three villages is in very bad condition and some parts of it are difficult to pass, because of the huge holes.Due to the request for repair the residents of the three villages made a subscription, which was introduced to the Regional road managment Veliko Tarnovo by the mayor of Gorna Lipnitsa - engineer Ulko Palov.

  Because of that and with assistance by the Regional road managment the road is provided for repair in March 2009 year. An assignment for machine mend up of the road surface in the part from Dolna Lipnitsa to Patresh is made. The repair actions will start after an approval of the assignment from National agency "Road Infrastructure" - Sofia and when there are good atmosphere conditions.  


19 Mar, 2009
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