A program for the traditional dirge on July 18

        On July 18, 2009 in Gorna Lipnitsa village is feting the 141 anniversary of the battle between the revolutionary Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadjas’ band on the one side and the Turkish army at the Djadopanova Kurija, on the other side.  
         The adoration at the Djadopanova Kurija is beginning at 11 o’clock on July 18, 2009. Julko Palov will deliver a speech as a major of the village, after which a father Mileti will hold a memorial service for the revolutionaries that had given their lives for the Bulgarian freedom.
          The solemnity in the village is beginning at half past eight p.m. on the same day, in the salon of “Zora” community centre. The amateurs of the folk-style group, of the theatre cast, the poet Evtim kalinov, the little Katerina Krumova, the major of the village will take part. At the square will play music!
                            YOU ARE WELCOME!
14 Jul, 2009
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