A new association takes care for the good of Gorna Lipnitsa


On March 31, this year in the Veliko Tyrnovo court was written down in a register a “Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association” – an organization for realizing public benefit activity. This is the serial initiative by the mayor of the village – Julko Palov, which is realized in assistance with the juridical consultant of the mayoralty and a manager of “P.I.A.S CREDERE” – Dimitar Palov. 26 persons take part in the association, while the doors are open for everyone, who wants to be a participant there.

The mayor told about the purposes and the subject of the association activity.

It will work for protecting the public interests of the society in the village; it will develop the potential and the resources of Gorna Lipnitsa and the region. Its priority is the agriculture and particularly – the biologic agriculture and animals –breeding. It will protect the interests of the agricultural producers, people, who practice liberal professions and the retail and fair business in Gorna Lipnitsa village.

In the last place for its significance among the purposes of the association are arranged the  production of strategies for environmental protection against pollution, including discards of daily life management.

According to Julko Palov the village needs of popularization among Bulgarian and foreign investors, who can support the suppression of the unemployment and rising of the people lives standard. One of the priorities of the new formed association is in this direction. The poor living people are not forgotten and those who are in nonequivalent status.

Dimitar Palov added some more accents about the purposes of the association: develop of education and training in the territory of Gorna Lipnitsa and the region; co-operate in the village development as an attractive tourist destination; protect the cultural-historic and ethnographic heritage; organize the natives for opposition to any forms of criminality – of daily life, criminal, economic, purposely with a pressing over the criminal contracting party; stimulate the co-operation with settled places abroad and an assistance for a creation of contacts with other similar in their purposes, organizations.

A managing council was elected that consists of three or four persons – Marijka Palova, Evgenia Nikolova and Evtim Kalinov.

The first initiative that the Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association will organize is a campaign for gathering of means for a reconstruction of the unique Agricultural museum in the village, its regulation and transforming in an active museum.


11 Apr, 2008
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