A folklore holiday in Gorna Lipnitsa


On June 7 the thirteenth municipal folklore holiday was conducted. It is made every every year in the end of May, the beginning of June. The initiator is a Pavlikeni municipality. To the present moment it has always conducted in pavlikeni, but this year for the first time is feted in the villages of the municipality. This year, a host is Gorna Lipnitsa village.

The festival prolonged some hours. There were groups of the community centers in the villages Stambolovo, Karaisen, Nedan, Dolna Lipnitsa, Mihalci, Lesicheri, Butovo, Slomer, Dimch and Paskalevets. There took part also mixed chained dances to the club of the pensioner in town Pavlikeni and a vocal group “Sing, heart!” The age borderline of the amateurs used to begin form 1 year old and reached 100-years old, old people.

In the present moment, Gorna Lipnitsa still has not a folklore cast, but it already is being gathered and it prepares for its performance next year. On this year festival, a native in Gorna Lipnitsa, Atanaska Paneva, sang individually and greeted all participants. In the end the festival was closed with the implementation of the oldest amateur in the village – 98 years old, grandfather Peturcho.

We must not lapse and the extraordinary interesting review of authentic costumes of the Pavlikeni region. Because, what is a folklore celebration without bright colored dressed performers?

The guests were numerous, and an interest was showed by the English families that live in the village. There were many market tables, on the place of that event, which offered delicious temptations and many toys for the little visitors. The celebrative euphoria was so big that even the rain could not darken it.

18 Jun, 2008
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