A folklore cast in Gorna Lipnitsa


On December 3, 2008, was open the first gathering of the new established folklore cast to the “Zora” community centre in Gorna Lipnitsa. Its leader is the teacher with many years of service, from Obedinenie village, Jordanka Rashkova. For now, the enthusiast amateurs are only 9 people from Gorna Lipnitsa, but the group is open for anyone who desires, from any part in Bulgaria.

Still in the first gathering, the following events were pointed in which they will take part, and especially  in May, 2009 at the Municipal folklore festival in Pavlikeni, during the summer they will involve in the Balkan folklore festival in Veliko Turnovo and in the singing competition in honor of the great national singer, Mita Stojcheva, which will be feted in her native village – Obedinenie.


10 Jan, 2009
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