A donative’s campaign starts for a unique Agricultural museum


From May 19 a donative’s campaign is starting for a reconstruction of the unique Agricultural museum in Gorna Lipnitsa village. It is an initiative of the Development for Gorna Lipnitsa association and the mayor of the village – Julko Palov.

The gathered means will be used for a reconstruction of the building fund and a reconstruction of the museum exposition. For the initial reconstruction of the museum that will stop its destroying are necessary 8911.32 leva. 

To the present moment are ensured 5354.25 leva formed as money, labor and materials. They are delivered by the Cooperation ‘Our cornfield”, “PI.A.S. CREDERE” Ltd., Gorna Lipnitsa mayoralty and a voluntary labor by the local population.  There is 3557.07 leva more that must be gathered.

According to Mr. Palov words, in his letter to the Minster of the culture – Prof. Stefan Danailov, the mayoralty did not command with the necessary means. The budget of the village was a funny small. It was difficult to pay its expenses of Gorna Lipnitsa for current needs, because of which it was not possible to set aside even a lev for a reconstruction of the cultural heritage, even though it was of national significance.

There are already concrete steps in gathering so necessary means.

  • In the village live for years many English families to which was sent a letter for the meaning of the donative’s campaign, of course, in English language.
  • It was sent a letter to Prof. Danailov, by which the team that works for a development of Gorna Lipnitsa hopes that the good will and the authorities of the Mr. Minister will help for the reconstruction of the cultural heritage of the village and the region.
  • Posters are prepared and were put among the towns Pavlikeni and Veliko Tarnovo.
  • In Coffee centers “Bravo” and “Pipi” were put donative’s cubs - they both are located in the center of Pavlikeni. Means could be donated directly in the building of mayoralty in Gorna Lipnitsa village.
  • It was open an account for leva in DSK Bank, concretely for the donative’s campaign - BG43STSA93000015453744, BIC - STSAPGSF.

The agricultural museum – a single one in whole Bulgaria, consists of over a thousand exponents – from the wooden plough to the tractor exponents. It has accepted in the recent past tourists from our country and foreigners, but for years it is closed, the building structures need of reconstruction and they are destroying because of the lack of means for restoration. In the subsequence of the years the basis, where the exponents are located, gets old and becomes not useful, and there is danger of demolishment. There are a few country sides in Bulgaria, where the history and the daily life of our people are saved. The forthcoming generations more and more move away from this reality and here is why we all are due to save in the way that we save during the centuries, the Bulgarian spirit, summarize Mr. Palov.

The purpose of the donative’s campaign is a reconstruction of the museum building and the presented in it unique exponents, because of turning it into a tourist destination. With the gathered means, it will be directed a movie for the museum, which will be downloaded in Internet, and also will be popularized in the media sources.

In mayoralty Gorna Lipnitsa everybody can acknowledge with the documents, connected with the initiative, including and the project-accounting documentation for reconstructing the museum. The telephone numbers for a contact are +359-886240198 or +359-61303222


20 May, 2008
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