"Legend seekers" - a closing exhibition

On 30.08.2010 there was a closing exhibition of the Art Residence “The Old School” in Gorna Lipnitsa, which took place from 24 to 31 August. The event was honored by national representatives such as Mr. Hristo Hristov, Mr. Evgeni Stoev and also Mrs. Izabela Chorbadjieva – vice-regional governor, and also municipal councilors from PP GERB, Regional Council – Pavlikeni. The main organizer of the project is Dimitar Palov, founder of Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association, lawyer and painter – two extremely different jobs, which he has mastered very well. Development for Gorna Lipnitsa Association has become a member of the national network Res Artis, founded in 1993 and uniting more than 200 centers for art in 50 countries, stimulating artists from all over the world to make art. Dimitar Palov told us that the idea of the art residence is, not only to attract artists from the whole world, who could exchange ideas, art and thoughts between each other, but also to involve those artists in the local people`s life. He, himself, has grown here in Gorna Lipnitsa, with stories and legends of his grandmother, about magic and dragons. So that`s why the theme, that unites artists here, is “Legend seekers”. This residence had several topics – legends for dragons, snakes, wells and magic. Each artist had to choose one of them and then gather information, walk around the village, take pictures, collect everything he/she needs to make a picture or installation, or something else, later, as a work. Typical legend for Gorna Lipnitsa is the legend “Green sinur” or the dragons believe.”According to the legend, many years ago a dragon, described as a big winged lizard, fell on that place and stayed there for 40 days. Shepherds fenced in that place with fence from the sheep pen. People fed the dragon with milk for 40 days, on the 41st day it flied up. Thankful for the hospitality, the dragon blessed them with fertility”. Mr. Palov told us that grandmothers celebrate the date when the dragon fall (The first Thursday after St.George`s day), until the 70`s of the past century.”This legend is typical for Gorna Lipnitsa and you can`t meet it anywhere else”, also said Mr. Palov.
Renata Szur, born in Hungary and graduated in London`s College of art, is highly interested by a legend, which says that if a horse hair is put for 40 days in water, it will become a snake. She has decided to visualize this transformation. From a real horse tail she has plaited a snake skin, using only a knitting-needle. Maia Oprea, from Romania, also worked on the snake theme. She has graduated painting in USA and the picture, which she has painted, is showing the transformation of a snake, from good to bad and vice-versa. There is also a photo studio inside the school. Outside, the yard has become an art territory of sculptors. There was working Kalin Koichev, owner of “Red Pony” award.       
Dimitar Palov said, that next year there will be Art Residence again, and in the meantime the exhibition from this year will be placed in the local community centre, next to the book collection of Serafim Severniak, who has also lived here.”Our idea is to make this place working through the whole year, like it is in many other places in the world”. Mr. Gancho Aleksandrov – major expert “Culture” made a gift to Dimitar Palov – a piece of the Holy Orthodox Cross. That Cross had been brought by Hadji Petko Barenski from Jerusalem in 1805. Today the renovated cross has been placed on the Holy altar in the church “The Birth of Most Holy Mother of God” in Pavlikeni.



Author Vili Plamenova


08 Sep, 2010
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